Did You Know How Many Books Written by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar ?


Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is popularly known as the "Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar" by his supporters throughout the world. Babasaheb's personal library Rajgrah in mumbai has more than 50,000 books and it was the world's largest private library. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had command over 64 subjects.Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had written a total of 32 books (10 are incomplete), 10 memoranda, evidence and statement, 10 research documents, review of articles and books and 10 preface and predictions. Apart from this he is also the author of the Constitution of India. He had written the most among his contemporary politicians.
Folowing are the list of books written by Baba Saheb from his higher education till mahaparinirvan.

डॉ भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर हे "बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर" म्हणून त्यांच्या समर्थकांद्वारे जगभर प्रसिद्ध आहेत. बाबासाहेबांच्या मुंबई मधील राजग्रहाच्या वैयक्तिक ग्रंथालयात 50,000 हून अधिक पुस्तके आहेत आणि ती जगातील सर्वात मोठी खासगी लायब्ररी होती. डॉ.बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर यांच्याकडे 64 विषयांवर अधिकारी होते.
डॉ.बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर यांनी एकूण 32 पुस्तके (10 अपूर्ण आहेत), 10 स्मरणपत्रे, पुरावे व विधान, 10 संशोधन कागदपत्रे, लेख व पुस्तकांचा आढावा आणि 10 प्रस्तावना व भविष्यवाणी लिहिलेली होती. याशिवाय ते भारतीय राज्यघटनेचे लेखकही आहेत. आपल्या समकालीन राजकारण्यांमध्ये त्यांनी सर्वात जास्त लिखाण केले होते.
बाबासाहेबांनी त्यांच्या उच्च शिक्षणापासून महापरिनिर्वाणापर्यंत लिहिलेल्या पुस्तकांची यादी आहे.

डॉ. भीमराव रामजी अम्बेडकर को उनके समर्थकों द्वारा दुनिया भर में "डॉ बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर" के रूप में जाना जाता है। मुंबई में बाबासाहेब के निजी पुस्तकालय राजग्रह में 50,000 से अधिक किताबें हैं और यह दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा निजी पुस्तकालय था। डॉ बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर के पास 64 विषयों पर कमान थी।
डॉ. बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर ने कुल 32 पुस्तकें (10 अपूर्ण हैं), 10 ज्ञापन, साक्ष्य और कथन, 10 शोध दस्तावेज, लेखों और पुस्तकों की समीक्षा और 10 प्रस्तावना और भविष्यवाणियां लिखी थीं। इसके अलावा वे भारत के संविधान के रचयिता भी हैं। उन्होंने अपने समकालीन राजनेताओं में सबसे अधिक लिखा था।
बाबा साहब द्वारा उनकी उच्च शिक्षा से लेकर महापरिनिर्वाण तक लिखी गई पुस्तकों की सूची नीचे दी जा रही है।

I. Books and Monograph / किताबें और प्रबंध

1. Administration and finance of the East India Company | Thesis for MA Degree |

2. The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India  | Thesis for PhD, 1917, published 1925 |

3. The problem of the Rupees: Its Origin and Its Solution  | Thesis for DSc, Published 1923 |

4. Annihilation of Caste  | May 1936 |

5. Which way to Emancipation? | May 1936 |

6. Federation versus Freedom  | 1936 | 

7. Pakistan or the Partition of India  / Thoughts on Pakistan  | 1940 |

8. Rande, Gandhi and Jinaah | 1943 |

9. Mr. Gandhi and the Emancipation of the Untouchables  | Sep 1943 |

10. What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables  | June 1945 |

11. Communal Deadlock and a Way to Solve It  | May 1946 |

12. Who Were the Shudras | October 1946 |

13. A critique of The Proposals of Cabinet Mission for Indian Constitution changes in so far as they             affect the Scheduled Castes-Untouchable  |1946 |

14. The Cabinet Mission and the Untouchables | 1946 |

15. States and Minorities | 1947 |

16. Maharashtra as a Linguist Province | 1948 |

17. The Untouchables: Who Were They are Why The Become Untouchables | October 1948 |

18. Thoughts on Linguistic States: A critique of the Report of the States Reorganization Commission |           1955 |

19. The Buddha and His Dhamma | 1957 |

20. Riddle's in Hinduism

21. Dictionary of Pali Language - Pali-English

22. The Pali Grammar

23. Waiting for a Visa | Autobiography | 1935-1936 |

24. A people at Bay

25. Untouchables or the Children of India's Ghetto

26. Can I be a Hindu?

27. What the Brahmins Have Done to the Hindus

28. Essays of Bhagwat Gita

29. India and Communism

30. Revolution and Counter-revolution in Ancient India

31. The Buddha or Karl Marx

32. Constitution and Constitutionalism

II . Memoranda, Evidence and Statement's

33.On Franchise and Framing Constituencies | 1919 |

34. Statement of Evidence to the Royal Commission of Indian Currency | 1926 |

35. Protection of the Interests of the Depressed Classes | May 29, 1928 |

36. State of Education of the Depressed Classes in the Bombay Presidency | 1928 |

37. Constitution of the Government of Bombay Presidency | May 17, 1929 |

38. A Scheme of Political Safeguards for the protection of the Depressed in the Future Constitution of a       Self- governing India | 1930 |

39. The Claims of the Depressed Classes for Special Represention | 1931 |

40. Franchise and Tests of Untouchability | 1932 |

41. The Cripps Proposals on Constitutional Advancement | July 18, 1942 |

42. Grievances of the Schedule Castes | Oct 29, 1942 |

III. Research Papers, Articles and Books Reviews / शोध पत्र, लेख और पुस्तकें समीक्षा

43. Castes in India: Their Genius, Mechanism and Development | 1918 |

44. Mr. Russel and the Reconstruction of Society | 1918 |

45. Small Holding In India and Their Remedies | 1918 |

46. Currency and Exchanges | 1925 |

47. The Present Problem of Indian Currency | Apr 1925 |

48. Report of Taxation Enquiry Committee | 1926 |

49. Thoughts on the Repform of Legal Education in the Bombay Presidency | 1936 |

50. The Rise and Fall of Hindu Women | 1950 |

51. Need for checks and Balances | Apr 23, 1953 |

52. Buddha Pooja Path - Marathi | Nov 1956 |

III. Preface and Forewords / प्रस्तावना और भूमिकाएँ

53. Forward to Untouchable Workers of Bombay City | 1938 |

54. Forward to commodity Exchange | 1947 |

55. Preface to the Essence of Buddhism  | 1948 |

56. Forward to Social Insurance and India | 1948 |

57. Preface to Rashtra Rakshake Vaidik Sadhan | 1948 |

            Note: 23 - 32 books are incompleted

The above list taken from "Bol Mahamanaache" by Dr Narendra Jadhav - is an Indian economist, educationist, public policy expert, professor and writer in English, Marathi and Hindi. He is an expert on Babasaheb Ambedkar's writtings and speeches.

The Education Department, Government of Maharashtra (Mumbai) published the collection of Ambedkar's writings and speeches in different volumes. Apart from the Government of Maharashtra; the Ministry of Social justice also publishes books written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.There are two most selling books of Ambedkar namely the “Problem of the rupee” and “The Annihilation of caste”. These two books are based on the economy of India and the social structure of India respectively.

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